Thursday, October 13, 2005

Unfussy Beige Manual

Today I got a late start but first things were first...I had to fix the paint color. I went clear up to the condo and back down to Sherwin Williams and asked if they could tint my 5 gallons of paint. They did a fantastic job and my purplish "Unfussy Beige" went to "Unfussy Beige Manual" in just a few minutes. They added some gold and it looks much even looks better on camera.

I worked on the island when I got back. I thought it would be much easier. First I had problems with the cordless saw (which I will probably return) and had to jigsaw the underlayment to fit. Then I ran out of staples and so I stapled as best I could under where the bar goes.

I thought I was doing so well. I outlined the base (it elevates the wall cabinets) and screwed brackets into the floor. I thought everything was perfect until I tried to hammer some nails into the jutting part. I had totally screwed in the bracket wrong. I ended up putting a small piece of lumber in there to give me a screwing base but I still don't understand how that happened.

It looks good but it was harder to put together than I anticipated. I need a drill bit to pre-drill and I'll finish it tomorrow.

I had a visit from Mrs. PA (poisoned apple) from next door. I guess she had to check out the competition directly. She was asking all sorts of prying questions like what I planned to replace, where I learned to do all of these things, what kind of flooring was I putting in the bathrooms, etc. I tolerated her but it was a bit annoying. She did ask if her asking price was good and I told her it was fine and the market was getting better. I did advise her to get photos of the inside on the internet through her agent. It turns out he is listing it for free for them so I guess they tolerate him.

Kim from Dave's Construction called and Dave is coming Monday. He'll do the hallway downstairs, arched wall in the family room nook, countertops & a plug for me. Shouldn't be more than $2,500 dollars...I hope. I'm glad I got the cabinets in...perfect timing.

Lessons Learned:

Underlayment takes ALOT of staples.

Cordless saws don't seem to cut it...get it? Cut it? Whatever :)

Watch what you say to poisoned apple people. Just because they are "nice" doesn't mean they can be trusted.

Often paint can be fixed. Don't be afraid to ask.

Make your real estate agent put pictures up of the inside of a home. If they don't like your decor at least it has saved you spending hours cleaning getting ready for a showing...and if they do like it, they are more likely to be excited about seeing your property over others.

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