Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ding-Dong the Microwave is Dead!

I haven't posted for a few days because frankly, not much has happened for several days. I feel so frustrated by everything!

We returned the cordless trim saw to Sears repair shop. They did NOT want to see us. You'd think we gave them back some Christmas present they'd bought for us. The guy even tried to talk us into another circular saw..."no, we already have one. Thanks!"

We tried to get some staples (at both the big DIY places) to fit our Craftsman 1/2 inch stapler I've been using for putting down underlayment (you can imagine the time wasted.) Not even Sears carried staples for it. I asked the employee "so you've made your own product obsolete?" He assured me I could buy them on-line, not much help for someone that needs to put down some underlayment today.

We ended up spending an hour cleaning up the condo, stapleless as we were. But....

There was a shining beam of hope coming from the kitchen. Jeff managed to get the microwave free from it's roost on the friggin wall. I was so thrilled that I forgave him (almost) for deleting my "Denise" file from his hard-drive (he restored it after he started turning blue for some strange hands around his neck, maybe! :P)

Lessons learned:

It was either the fact that it was cordless, had bad battery memory or was refirbished but there is usually a reason that tools get sent to the Sears graveyard. It wouldn't work past 8 inches in drywall on a full charge.

It appears that there are 4 screws in the base of the microwave that hold it to the back bracket. But what finally got it off was a good wedging by Jeff (probably stuck up there with grease and dirt!)

Don't buy a used nuematic stapler with a 1/2 inch crown. You can't find staples anywhere! They are all going to 1/4 inch.


Jeff said...

It wasn't a file, it was her folder she kept on my computer. Hmm...let's see, SHE has her own computer to keep her stuff. PUBLIC NOTICE: Any non-Jeff folders and files trespassing on Jeff's computer are subject to deletion without warning.

Denise said...

Anyone who expects me to save little scraps of paper with phone numbers on them shouldn't be deleting anything with my name on it. PUBLIC NOTICE: GRRRRRR!