Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Fairy Inspiration

Feeling a little sentimental (read hormonal) today and saw the fairy design on Pinterest that I think we all have in our folders (have we figured out who painted it yet?) and I remember my struggles to paint that design at my first festival/gig. Tonight at the restaurant, I'm going to get asked tonight "How did you get so good? Were you an artist before?" Sometimes, when I'm really honest, I tell them "No, I struggled over every brush stroke!" because I did! I'm very proud of my work now, not because it's better than others...but because I worked so hard to get it there. And I got a lot of help too. I've been to tons of classes and workshops and each time I pick up something, even if it's just adding more water to the paint...but it's the quiet AM with brush, paint and arm that make all the difference.