Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nothing Like a Good Dump

Jeff and I took two loads today. We scrapped the stove & dishwasher and various metal stuff like shelves and an old weight set at the scrap yard. They weigh you before then weigh your truck again when you leave. We got about $9.00 which is actually pretty good. It would have cost $7.25 to dump it. At least it was enough to cover gas and our lunch!

We went to Taco Amigo and didn't like it. No salsa bar and their meat was suspiciously grainy which usually means supplemented with soy. We were hungry enough that we didn't really care though.

We went back to the condo and loaded all the demo drywall and trim. I can't believe how much faster things go when Jeff is helping. This was a big load and barely fit. We're still way off from meeting the $150 drop off fee for renting the dumpster from a company I feel good about the work. I don't think there is any better feeling that getting rid of useless I just have to do the same at my house?

I went back after dropping Jeff off for work and swept and power washed the carport. I love that power washer. It uses very little water and does a great job.

While I was out there the neighbor next door, who happens to be selling her condo, reported that they had taken out the clematis and there might be a few "little clippings." She knows damn well that the whole flowering part of the vine is on my side and it was a HUGE mass of clippings. I believe it was sabotage because I get a "poisoned apple" feeling from her everytime I talk with her. Jeff thinks I'm being a little nutty. I will be watching for more sabotage in the future. She was asking if I was doing the work myself so will probably spread the rumor that the work will be second rate. Grrrr.

I vacuumed up the downstairs and things are almost starting to look encouraging...almost.

Lessons Learned:

If possible, taking small truckloads will save a lot of money over having a dumpster delivered. It's also allowed me to decide as I go what to demolish instead of only having a few days to decide.

If you feel guilty, as I do, about the waste of taking everything to the dump at least you can recycle the metal and donate any good fixtures to charity. You might even make some money.

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