Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Drawing First Blood

Well, I finally did it. After pulling out about 400 spikes (I don't have the kindness in me to call them nails) I finally got my first scar of the project.

Lovely heh? I'm lucky it wasn't worse and should have known better. I was reaching over my head, pulling with all my might and pulling harder than I should have so as soon as the nail finally gave, I couldn't control the downward force and hit another nail below (another thing I should have checked.)

Are 16 penny nails the only available nail they had in 1976? The homeowner must have bought a bag and didn't want to waste them because he put up shelves, nailed them in the storage room (I guess to hold up a deer carcass or an engine block?) and put up wood trim on the walls with them.

Crystal came to the job site with me but she still wasn't feeling well enough to do much and ended up call Scott (boyfriend) for a ride back home. So instead of installing the rest of the kitchen cabinets, I ended up doing the downstairs demo.

Still haven't heard from Dave's Construction. I'll call them at the end of the week if I haven't heard from them. Now that I've got the demo done and the cabinets (almost) in I'm ready for him to come and take more specific measurements, etc.

I don't like the paint color. It's too pink/purple now that I have it on the walls. I might have to have Sherwin Williams tint all 5 cans for me again. I don't know what my alternative is. I need it a little warmer. More fawn and less tawny (I've been watching too many decorating shows! :) I guess this is what I get for trying to decorate out of my personal taste zone. I like sages & butter yellow & bronze and I tried for a cooler color and got too blue.

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