Monday, October 10, 2005

Putting Back and Making Better

Today I started re-installing the cabinets in the kitchen. I made some dumb mistakes like putting cabinets flush that shouldn't have been and having to unscrew and rescrew. I installed a cabinet 1/4 inch over from its original spot and ended up shaving that much off the dishwasher enclosure.

But, I did get the opportunity to make the cabinets better while I was at it. I painted the interior wall of the base so it would be fresh and clean and match the wall color. I replaced the masonite in the base cabinet because the other was water damaged. I cleaned off the kick plates enough that I can install new rubber coving after the flooring goes in. The last thing I did that was nice was install 4 inch baffles on either side of the air vent so that heated/cooled air isn't wasted into the cabinets.

I checked the clock and realized I'd missed lunch. It was 4:00. That is so bad for me and I really felt it on the way home and still had to stop for something to eat so that I would have the strength to cook dinner for the family.

I attended the homeowner's annual meeting and was glad to see that homeowner's are involved and it is well run. The only real complaint was about kids running in the street. Three Fountains was designed as a retirement community but some younger families are moving in so there really isn't a space for them. A younger homeowner said he might have someone that would buy the condo but then after the meeting he said they only wanted to pay $135,000 for it. I said that some sold at that price last year and that I was planning on the $150 - $155 range like some others had sold for. He said "Yeah, but they are totally remodeled." Ya Think!!! Oh, well.

Lessons Learned:

Always take food breaks. You get stupid when your blood sugar drops.

When you're new, keep your mouth shut in homeowners meetings because they ALWAYS know more than you (even if they don't).

When removing kitchen cabinets mark with tape or pencil marks exactly where they came from to make re-installing easier.

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