Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rain at 4:00 pm

Mark Eubank, the local weatherman said that rain would come at around 4:00 pm and he was almost exactly right. In fact, I'm sure it was right on for Salt Lake City.

Today was a cloudy day and so it felt later than it was all day. We got to the condo about 1:30, but it felt like 6:00. Emma spray painted the heat registers with silver paint. I'm not sure I like them and I don't know if I want to spend the money on more paint to cover them completely. I'll probably end up buying new ones. Nickle & Dime.

Taylor tore off all the stupid molding that was put up downstairs in the hallway. Boy, they did a crappy job on that hallway. I may have to gut it all but that would mean another truckload to the dump. Grrrr.

We all worked on the plywood underlayment in the kitchen. I love the 4x4 squares. They are easy to handle and put up on the saw horses to trim. The only difficulty we had was a piece with two cut sides. First Jeff cut it too short so there were large gaps and then I measured but we didn't put the manufactured edge toward the other manufactured edges. I didn't figure it out until I tried to get it to butt up and kept getting gaps....duh!

I started putting the cabinets back in because I want to make sure they are in when (if) Dave's Construction calls to measure. I'm excited because I can move the bar over the inch I need to make up for the difference in dishwashers.

It sure is a lot easier to work on stuff with Jeff around but I think I'll do the measuring and let him do the cutting. :)

Lessons Learned:

4x4x.25" plywood underlayment is great stuff.

When putting down underlayment make sure the manufactured/machine edge stays toward the finished edges and cut edges against the wall.

Mark Eubank is a weather God! :)

Taco Time actually had pretty good Mexican fast food and a nice salsa bar.

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