Friday, October 07, 2005


This morning I bought a couple of garbage cans to replace the ones we left at the garbage dump the last time we went. When I came back about 11 am, Crystal still wasn't out of bed. We had to laugh when she came outside with a blanket wrapped around her and flip-flops. She was sent back inside for shoes because we were planning on cleaning up my particle board mess.

It only took about 30 mins to load the stuff that took me about 2 days to rip up. Reminds me a bit of making a nice dinner and everyone scarfing it with a burp and leaving the table. Jeff and I left Crystal to remove the rest of the nails (I couldn't bear that horrible noise any more) and we went to the dump.

We picked up some Ripples on the way home and brought back a burger for Crystal. She decide that 2 hours was enough and left with her boyfriend. I hope this isn't a trend because she was a great worker until she got paid...I guess desperation is a good motivator. We used our little trim saw to make a straight edge at the edge of the carpet and it made a nice clean cut...but ran out of power quickly. We'll have to charge it up alot more.

This evening we met with the Youngs who wanted to know about our real estate experiences. They are in the process of selling their first home and building a new one. Mike has been reading about flipping/investing and wanted to know what to expect. We told them the good and bad of the many houses we've bought and sold through the years and then left to see the condo. Mike wanted to see the before and after.

I had a hard time showing someone the condo in the before stage. I think you start to second guess your decisions about what to change and what to keep. They are a fun couple and may try doing this flipping business and so will be watching our experience carefully.

Two garbage cans & wax rings
Returned kitchen faucet because of bargain table find

Lessons Learned:

Simple unskilled jobs go a lot faster with many hands involved

Beware showing the flip in the before stage. You'll get plenty of suggestions and may end up going over budget trying to make everyone happy.

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