Thursday, October 06, 2005

I gave birth to 350 square feet of particle board

I want to kill the carpenter that decided it was a good idea to drive about 300 2" ring-shank nails through the old linoleum and underlayment (and into the joists apparently!) I was cursing him under my breath with each screech of the nail pried out will all my strength. Why he felt the need to seal (?) each linoleum seam with nails I'll never know...but as I was "birthing" the last 6 sq. ft., which took me about a half an hour, I felt as if I'd had a baby (without the splitting in half thing :)

I left a huge pile of particle board behind but I was too tired to move another inch. I blew it by overdoing it and I don't know if I'll be able to work tomorrow. Maybe Jeff and I can at least fill the truck up...again...but I don't know if I can pull more nails out.

I really wish Crystal had come today. She's taken the last 3 days off and I'm really feeling it. She told me she'd come tomorrow.

Lessons Learned:

Don't work past your "I don't know if I can go on" threshold. You'll pay for it the next day.

Don't use MDF/Particle board underlayment in bathrooms. It holds moisture & stink forever.

Ripples Drive-in has the best burgers/fries/lime squeezes in Utah County

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