Sunday, April 02, 2006

Remember that little 1/4 inch?

The 1/4 inch that put me under when I was putting in the beadboard backsplash? Well it has come back to haunt me. Yesterday I went to open the lovely drawer for the work table in the basement and it hit the trim. Another one of Dave's Construction "a contractor should know better" moments"..shouldn't a contractor know that he needed to leave space for the drawer to clear the door frame? Grrrr. Well, now our choices are to leave it be (drawer opening about 8 inches) or move the whole cabinet over 1/2 inch (and redoing the trim and adding a spacer).

Luckily I'm way past nervous breakdowns. My eyes are glassing over now...I believe it's called catatonic.

It looked so good too. I had put in the flooring at the base covering up the cement. I'm even starting to like the daffodile pattern that came as a total surprise (didn't show through the little window of the Armstrong box...I could have sworn I looked at the pattern. I must have been too busy beating people off at the Lowe's sidewalk sale.) But everything was so nice and then CLUNK.

Jeff and I will probably move the whole cabinet over and just adjust the trim. It really won't be that big of a deal; at least not compared to what we've been through but I'm tired and scared.

It's ironic that the better the place looks the worse it looks in my eyes. This must be what it is like for an anorexic. The skinner they get the fatter they seem to themselves. Now I start to notice little things. I have to stop myself from desiring perfection.

I looked at the before pictures again tonight. Sometimes you just need a reminder of how far you've come.

Lessons Learned:

Don't hire Dave's Construction (just a reminder for those that haven't read the whole blog.)

Make sure your drawers, doors & cupboards clear obstructions.

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