Sunday, April 02, 2006

NO means on...

"It won't be that bad. They'll see "NO" and know that it means "ON"...right?" Oh, the rationalizations we make. A couple of weeks ago I had a mountain out of a molehill moment. I went to turn on a light switch that I had been working on and realized that I had put it in upside down. Now mind you, I had just spent 2 hours over two days figuring out an end-of-line 3-way switch (the hardest kind apparently...the book said 'this usually isn't done this way because it is so difficult to diagnose'...ya think?) right next to it and it was such a small thing. So why did it make me so depressed? I tried to tell myself that people will figure it out when they go to flip the switch but then my common sense told me that it will only take 10 mins to go turn off the circuit, unscrew the face plate, unscrew the switch and flip it. No big deal.

But it's those 10 minutes here and there that have made this 6 week makeover take 6 months.

Lesson Learned:

The power for two 3-way switches that come at the end of the line needs to go clear to the end switch then come back. If not you will shut power off and never figure out the secret combination of on and off.

When your switch says NO listen to it.

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