Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Breaking my Bad Olaf

I got a request for Olaf this weekend and literally failed miserably. I wiped off the first one and then at the suggestion of Lizz Daley, tried just the face and when I showed the girl in the mirror I got THAT face...the one that let's you know the child is disappointed...arrow to the heart. [thwap]

Tonight it took me until 3:00 am but I think I have a passable Olaf now and kind of discovered a cool way to do him in graffiti. I started with Youtube drawing tutorials and found a couple of good ones. This one from Disney Animation Academy is good because it shows placement with structure lines:
How to Draw Olaf from Disney's Frozen

This one is probably my most favorite from Doodle, Draw, Art because it's faster and simpler...not so artsy: Drawing: How to Draw Olaf   I like the dynamic shape of it for using in face painting. It's the same shape as the one Ronnie Mena did in his cool Olaf Design.

Ronnie Mena's Olaf face painting

What really helped push me through and get the proportions better was printing off a Disney Coloring Page and putting in a clear sheet protector and painting over it so I could get the "feel" and muscle memory of the shapes.

I finally did a nice face and then decided the round shape could actually be the "O" in Olaf so I added the rest of the letters and I love it! I can't wait to try Lea Selley's graffiti stencils with it...too hard on my own arm. :)


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Unknown said...

Dick Van Olaf!! lol, great advice re: the copy over sheet. Muscle memory is for real!