Friday, October 21, 2005

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Filter

Today was a pretty productive day considering that we went through the molasses swamp called Lowes. Grrrr. (I was the lady yelling in the return line for them to get another checker when they spent 15 mins arguing about a 58 cent tile return!!!! )

Jeff and I went to the condo to catch Dave or the drywallers or both. They hadn't come yet so we took a damaged bifold and loaded the laminate (I decided to use my vinyl tiles after a found a couple more boxes at Lowes) in the truck. We exchanged the doors and I found that they had all gone up in price by at least $6 bucks. The larger ones were even more because at the time they were all $24.

We went to Venice Flooring and wrote a $300 dollar check because I'm so afraid she's going to sell my carpeting out from under me. She's honoring the $14.99 sq. yard installed so I bless her heart. I've heard the price of carpeting is going to go up.

I dropped Jeff off and after dropping off Taylor at the mall I went to the condo and had a pretty productive afternoon....with one exception.

Earlier Jeff and I removed the toilet from the upstairs bathroom to finish removing the flooring. He'd used the shop vac to get the water out and so had taken out the dry filter and set it in the tub. Later, I saw that filter in the tub and was thinking I needed to clean the very messy thing and thought I should vacuum it off. Well, guess what the nearest vacuum was. The shop vac.

Now, some of you won't see the problem with vacuuming the shop vac filter with the shop vac. And like me, you too will have a room filled with fine smoke-like dust in a matter of seconds. As I was sucking the dirt off the filter it was blowing it out the other end and directly into the room! DUH!!!!

The drywall turned out well. It's not finished but the playhouse is getting fun and exciting. I can't decide between making it cottage like or castle. I'll probably do that castle thing so that it will be unisexed. I want to paint the inside with sky and a meadow. Maybe I'll use some of that green carpeting to make "grass"...brilliant!

Lessons Learned:

There is a reason for that stupid filter in the shop vac.

I asked the drywall guys to leave their scrap. Will save me a trip to the DIY store and a little bit of money.

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